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Emery Willow
10 July
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A true free spirit, born and raised in South Texas. Follow her adventures here.

Here's a bit of background.

I'm Pagan.
I'm bisexual.
Deal with it.
I have.

I have my Bachelor's in Criminal Justice.
I am currently working a clerical position for a mail-order pharmacy.
What started as a temporary job has become something more. I may have finally found my career. While many of my friends are leaving the company to pursue their life dreams, I feel I am just beginning to do the same.
Initially I would have told you that I'd rather be putting my degree to use, working to help victims, either through advocacy, compensation, or lobbying for rights. But now I understand that that is not the place for me. As much as I would enjoy the difficult work, it would eventually eat me alive. I have too much empathy.
Still, working with victims remains something I feel deeply about. Perhaps oneday I'll find/make the time to resume volunteer work. Still, I'd like to get my Master's in Victim Studies, despite knowing I will never work professionally in the field. Crazy, but that's what I want. Someday that may change. But I know I'll never stop seeking learning and education.

Want to know more about me? Read my memories. Or, ask me. You'll find that I'm a fairly open and honest person. There's not much I won't share.

Oh, one last little thing.
I'm single and a notorious flirt. ;)

Not all who wander are lost.

my pet!

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Oh, and in case you were wondering.
Yes, my love and affection can be bought. :)
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